Edwina Watson March 15, 2019

When you’re looking for a new job, assuming you haven’t quit your old job yet, sometimes it’s good idea to consider the city you’d be living in as well. The point being, as long as you’re not really happy with where you live, no matter what job you find, you’ll never really be happy. So, it’s important to take a long hard look at the various amenities that you like before you start looking for a job there. Apartments Durham, North Carolina is a great example, here are some of the things that attract people to live, work, and raise a family there.

Durham Has Breweries And Brewpubs

Some people will never really understand why real beer is so important to happiness, and why, once you’ve had real brewed beer, nothing else will ever do. That being said, if you really like beer that has malted barely and a strong flavor of hops, Durham has plenty to offer you.

There are even brewery tours that will take you on a round-trip excursion to visit several different breweries that offer taste tests, back room tours of the reactor chamber, and great food as well. Some of these tours have names like “Pints and Paninis,” “Kayak and Craft Beer,” and “Beer Brunch” to name just a few.

There are also specialty brew tour companies that operate all year ’round and offer tours of several breweries of your choice. They cater to large and small groups and feature places like Fullsteam Brewery, Ponysauras Brewery, and Bull City Brewery, plus many more.

Don’t Miss The Trolley Pub

This is an interesting concept that seems to have a great following and would be a solid reason for locating any apartment Durham has to offer. This is a trolley that allows you to bring your own brew and pedal about town from one pub to the next. Everyone needs to help pedal, and good times are had by all. There are several regular pubs, restaurants, and breweries that are on its regular route and most customers return often as well.

The World Beer Festival Happens In October

This is the ultimate in beer festivals that arrives each year in the early part of October at Durham Bulls Park. There you’ll find beers from all over the state and even some from thousands of miles away. There is also hard apple cider, plenty of great food, plus music at various times throughout.

At the festival there is also a seminar showing how everyone can home brew their own great tasting beers with samplings of ingredients as well. This is a must see event if you really like the taste of real beer, not that watered down commercial stuff that they sell in cans at the supermarket.

This is just one great reason to consider the apartments Durham, NC has to offer and start looking to settle down there. There are hundreds of other incredible amenities from parks and bowling alleys to fishing and skate board parks that will interest everyone in the family.

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